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  1. Hammer Notes

    Here is a collection of my notes on using hammer cli with Red Hat Satellite. Most of these things probably work with Katello also, but all of my testing is with Satellite.

    Add new Product

    Products are a group of repositories. Content Hosts can subscribe to a product to make ...

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  2. Make JSON look pretty in Vim

    Python 2.6+ has a nifty builtin json validator that can be used to print pretty json. This can be used within Vim to make json easier to read.

    :%!python -m json.tool

    Or, if you have a file with json in it, can be piped over the same

    cat ...
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  3. A few RPM notes

    Here is a collection of my notes on using RPM. Most of these are well documented in man pages and other sources around the web. I've collected the ones I've used most here as a reference for myself and others.

    Query package information

    Show package information

    rpm -qi ...
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  4. Delete iptables rule

    Here are a few different ways to delete iptables rules.

    Remove from iptables config file

    To delete an iptables rules you can edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables and remove the rule and then reload iptables.

    Using iptables command

    You can also remove the rule using the iptables command

    $ iptables -D INPUT ...
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  5. Publish Pelican blog to Github Pages

    Published: Mon 16 November 2015
    Updated: Mon 16 November 2015
    By Jon Moore

    In misc.

    My reminder on how to get changes to offdutypirate.github.io. These notes were created using mostly the Pelican docs <http://docs.getpelican.com/en/3.6.3/tips.html#user-pages>.

    1. Commit changes
    $ git commit -m 'messages'
    $ git push

    2. ghp-import Update gh-pages branch

    $ ghp-import -m 'publish new blog' output ...
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  6. A new blog

    Published: Sun 15 November 2015
    Updated: Sun 15 November 2015
    By Jon Moore

    In misc.

    As you can see, I'm decided to make some changes to the blog. The biggest change is I'm now using Pelican instead of Octopress. Still using a static site however python is doing the hardwork instead of ruby. I have been using more Python at work recently and ...

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  7. "Testing for Bad Sectors"

    To test for bad sectors in Linux the program badblockscan be used.

    Read / Write test destructive

    $ badblocks -wsv /dev/$device

    Options: -w - do a destructive write test -s - show progress-bar -v - be "verbose" and output bad sectors detected to stdout

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  8. "Notes on using tmux"

    The default prefix used in tmux is Ctrl+b. This prefix is used before any tmux command.

    Basic tmux commands

    • Ctrl+b " - split pane horizontally.
    • Ctrl+b % - split pane vertically.
    • Ctrl+b c - (c)reate a new window.
    • Ctrl+b n - move to the (n)ext window.
    • Ctrl+b p ...
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